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Personal Training

Whether your goal is to lose weight/fat, improve your fitness, train safely around a medical issue or condition, get confident weight training and using a gym or improve your sports performance, a personal training session or package would be a good option.

After an initial consultation and assessment, a plan including nutrition, daily activity and training will be built with you which takes into account your lifestyle, goals and preferences.

Personal Training - £40 Hour session
Personal Training pre paid package - 12 x hour sessions - £480
Kind Words

“For years I have suffered with tightness in the bottom of my back, every so many months I would feel excruciating pain when a muscle would ‘go’. This would take me a week or so to become mobile again. 
Over the years I have sought professional help from my GP, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists all to no avail - even with an MRI scan providing them with a diagnosis. 
Elaine was highly recommended so I thought I would see if she could help me. Straight away Elaine understood my condition and explained exactly what was happening in that area and where I was compensating elsewhere. 
She has given me invaluable advice from positioning myself, where to bear weight through my body, how to breathe to support my back and some excellent stretch techniques! 
Elaine has helped me build confidence in the gym and I am in love with training again!”

Vicky K 

Where are you based?
EA Health works from Code Fitness gym in Fernwood.