ea health


by elaine atkinson

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?
Wear clothes that are loose and you can move and stretch in. Some people bring shorts to change into. However, unless you are specifically having a massage, most treatments can be done through clothes.

I don’t know what type of treatment I need. What shall I book?

The variety of treatments can be confusing. If you are unsure, feel free to email contact@eahealth.co.uk or phone 07834 779133 to discuss for either sports massage or injury rehabilitation. Treatments will be tailored to you and options explained after an assessment to help you make a fully informed decision.


Where are you based?
EA Health has a room within the Code Fitness gym in Fernwood. Situated upstairs, the room is 2nd on the right. 

Is there parking?

There is plenty of free parking directly outside the gym.

Are there any changing facilities?

Yes. There are separate female and male changing rooms on the ground floor. They are actually quite sumptuous!

Are there toilets?

Yes. These are located within the changing rooms.


How do I pay?

Payment is made at the time of treatment or your session. Payment can be made as cash, card, contactless and mobile payment. For regular clients, sessions, block sessions and packages we also have an option to pay through GoCardless.

What do I do on arrival?

Where possible, you’ll be met at reception. This may not always be possible if I’m with another client. In that case, you can either take a seat in reception or wait to be collected or wait outside my room upstairs. Please be aware that gym classes may be in session whilst you are waiting.


What is a Sports Therapist?

As a Sports Therapist, I specialise in musculo-skeletal injuries and treatments. Treatments involve hands on work, assessment, stretching and exercise programmes. Think a cross between traditional physiotherapy and personal training. This means we can take you through your whole journey from initial problem, return to activity/sport and strengthening for prevention and re-occurrence.

Can I cancel/re-schedule my appointment?

Yes and re-schedule should you need to. Please be aware that we require 24 hours cancellation notice prior to your appointment, otherwise the full session fee will be charged.

I don’t do any sports or exercise. Can I still have treatment?

Of course, everyone is welcome.  We can treat all types of aches and pains, from stiff necks and shoulders to bad backs, knee pain and ankle injuries. We also work with clients after fractures, dislocations and after operations.


I’ve never trained in a gym before; I’m a bit daunted by it.

I completely understand. To be honest, so was I when I first started. The range of equipment and other people can be quite scary and intimidating; however Code is the friendliest, most welcoming gym ever.

I’ll accompany you whilst in the gym and talk you through the exercises we are doing. I’m also more than happy to meet you outside and take you on a tour of the gym before you make a decision.

Am I too old to train?

Not at all. I have clients of all ages from teenagers to octogenarians, as well as work with clients with medical conditions. Programmes are tailored to your needs, abilities and fitness levels.

Tel: 07834 779133