How I became a Sports Therapist & Personal Trainer

How I got into Sports Therapy & Personal Training.

At the age of 15, I hurt my back on a trampoline during a gymnastics lesson. Hearing and feeling the crack that came from my spine, I knew something wasn't right, and from that day on, I starting experiencing back ache and my back locking out. A visit to the doctors revealed nothing.

To cut a long story short, I had periods of severe pain and low lying on going pain. Trips to doctors, physio and x-ray yielded little relief, acupboard full of pain killers, sleeping tablets and being told by a GP that I was "making it up".

27 years later, I finally got an MRI, which revealed a grade 2 spondylolithesis, a quite significant and multiple spine fractures.

I was told to stop kickboxing and all sports and "sort my core out". Helpful, not, and the extent of guidance from the Consultant.

Did my own research and worked out that the pain was from muscle imbalances due to the position of my pelvis as a result of the fracture. So I set about training as a Soft Tissue Therapist purely to sort my own back out. Loved doing it so much, I continued.

6 years later and here I am. Took redundancy from a Management post, added personal training and sports therapy qualifications and haven't looked back.

I get to work with the inspiring and crazy bunch at Code. Help people out of pain and stay out of pain, as well as help people achieve their fitness and health goals. What more could a girl want...

Oh, and I still kickbox as well as lift heavy weights, run, swim and cycle with no pain! 😁

Elaine 💖