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injury treatment

Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Release

Do you experience muscle stiffness, aches and pains on a regular basis due to your work, daily activity, medical condition or sports?

Following a full movement, posture assessment and treatment plan a range of soft tissue techniques will be used including deep tissue massage to address restrictions, aches, pains and discomfort. Ideal if you are experiencing back, shoulder or neck ache from your job, sports and other activities.

Sports Massage/Soft Tissue Release initial consultation and follow up appointments - £40
Injury Rehabilitation

Great option following back, knee, hip and other operations, fractures and any major or niggling, recurring injuries ( sporting or not).

An individualised plan, combining hands on treatments and exercise will be developed with you, getting you back to full fitness, pain and injury free.

Injury Rehabilitation initial consultation and follow up appointments - £40
Injury Rehabilitation pre-paid packages - initial consultation + 5 follow up sessions - £210
Kind Words

“ As someone over 50, I now find that I seem to get more niggles and these have the potential to stop me both living my life fully and carrying out my preferred sports. Elaine is amazing at pinpointing the specific issues that you have and working hands on to improve how your body works and giving you exercises to support your recovery. She’s always looking to develop her practice and so you feel confident that you’re getting the best advice and treatment.”
Alison H, Triathlete and Ultrarunner

“Elaine has been an essential part of my training plan this season. Her treatments have taken me from being in pain and soreness in my neck and shoulders to being able to move normally, something I thought with prolapsed discs in my neck I would never experience again. We have continued to work on other areas, hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings, calves - all of which worked well enough for me to race my first 70.3 triathlon in 3years and not be in pain afterwards. A huge thank you. All athletes need an Elaine in their lives to keep them functioning”
Judith B, Triathlete and Level 3/Ironman Triathlon Coach


What should I wear?
Wear clothes that are loose and you can move and stretch in. Some people bring shorts to change into. However, unless you are specifically having a massage, most treatments can be done through clothes.


I don’t know what type of treatment I need. What shall I book?
The variety of treatments can be confusing. If you are unsure, feel free to email contact@eahealth.co.uk or phone 07834 779133 to discuss for either sports massage or injury rehabilitation. Treatments will be tailored to you and options explained after an assessment to help you make a fully informed decision.


Where are you based?
EA Health has a room within the Code Fitness gym in Fernwood. Situated upstairs, the room is 2nd on the right.